this is our story

We teach the true language of Love and Light.

As humans, we operate in true separatism at times. When I speak of separatism, I mean that we do not always operate from a place of joy. This happens because, as humans, we operate within a place of grounded energy, which at times can bring sorrow and sadness. Learning to operate in love and light allows us to move into super hyper intelligence. Once we truly understand how to operate within our joy facets and joy capabilities, we will be able to manifest each day in the greatest levels of joy. Our greatest intention is to allow mankind to find a new operating system with himself to be able to contact the spirit and be given renewed access to knowledge and wisdom that we hold within, around and throughout ourselves; to be able to engage completely in what the orthomolecular body of the human has created [to] through? the divine essence of spirit.

Our intention is to help create full integration of the Spirit throughout the body, the body being a complex array of genetic belief systems and the Spirit being the light from the most divine essence of all that is, together creating the most amazing journey for the human being: the manifestation of joy, love and light. We do this through the

Devine channel of the Angelic realm with the great help of the Angels that walk with us throughout our daily lives. We call this our Devine counsel or Devine committee. We can be counseled by these Angelic beings to guild us in our greatest of journeys.

Mission statement: To help heal the world by teaching tools of awareness through illumination to empower human beings to integrate their body with their spirit in order to vibrate at the highest frequency possible within the human state of the integration of the spirit which creates the human being, allowing them to heal themselves.