Meet Alexa

Alexa Carlson

Alexa has spent the last 18 years in Houston Texas running one of the best known spiritual and well-being transformational centers. She studied in the US and South America to gain great insight into the human being and the light within us to find the path of full awareness between the two, so that a healing can then be created.

She has channeled information from the Divine angelic realm from the age of three, working close to the angel Martrieal , he has been a lifetime teacher for Alexa and her work. Alexa then went on to study extensively on the human being to better understand the information she was receiving. Understanding the path of four: the Human Body, the Human Mind, the Emotional Being within us and the Divine Spirit throughout us. When in Synergy with these four we walk in perfect balance, when out of Synergy we walk with discord resulting in disease and discomfort. Alexa combines in her work the teaching of well-being for all aspects with the human knowing one cannot transform without the other. Alexa also teaches the tools of awareness to empower You to take charge of your body, mind, spirit, bringing it back into Synergy and lasting great health. Over the last twenty years Alexa has taught the Quantum Illumination Meditation method (from the Latin - to be). This meditation transforms belief systems the world over and allows you to break down old beliefs to set sacred space for new beliefs., allowing the integration of the human and angelic realm through this practice. Through the midbrain awakening in Quantum Meditation it is possible to reach true understanding of joy within the human experience and the true teaching of the Language of love and light. The language of love and light is the angelic gift to create to understanding and peace here within our human experience.

Alexa works closely with the Angelic Realm and the earthly natural realms involving both in the balance of our heavenly human bodies, to truly awaken the super intelligence of LOVE and LIGHT.